DECOMPOSITION II - E# (from a glacial tune)

E# investigates the acoustic properties and phenomena of glacial constructs. In particular, the work explores crevasses (gaps within glaciers) for their acoustic potentials, their specific sound propagation and resonances. Dramaturgically the piece goes beyond a sound-phenomenological concept, it is a medial transformation. A multichannel composition (not an installation) for sound and video/light, which's score is based on the true story of a 72 year old mountaineer who fell into such a crevasse and was rescued after sitting on one spot in complete darkness for six days and nights.

Following Alvin Lucier's concept of 'I am sitting in a room', Kutin and his collaborateur Florian Kindlinger setup a feedback-system inside the glacier's crevasse and realized 'acoustic fingerprints' of this very unique room.
This 'variation' of Lucier's piece becomes the backbone of E#, which is written for a 5.1 sound-system, a dark-room, light and video projection; the video-layer was developed in cooperation with Billy Roisz, one of the key-figures of Austria's avantgarde music/video-scene.

E# ist the sequel of 'desert-sound' which was realised 2013 in the Atacama desert in Chile. In 2015 the third part (Illusion) of the so-called 'Decomposition Series were finished and premiered as a Trilogy at Donaufestival Krems 2015.
A cinematic Version (DCP) of E# is distributed by Sixpack Film and was screened at several Filmfestivals (Edingbough, Zagreb, Graz, and more).
The Decomposition I-III (Trilogy) was released 2015 as double Vinyl on VENTIL-RECORDS

E# / E# & Desert Sound live projections as multichannel sound & image Spatialisation + cinematic version :

22.03.2014_E# premier at AUSLAND / Berlin
31.05.2014_DesertSound & E# @ ECHORAUM / Vienna
25.05.2014_E# cinematic version @ 25fps Film festival / Graz
06.09.2014_E# @ vienna ROOMSERVICE FESTIVAL - PORGY&BESS/ Vienna
20.03.2015_E# cinematic version @ DIagonale Filmfestival / Graz
26.04.2015_DECOMPOSITION TRILOGY (UA) @ Donaufestival / Krems
27.06.2015_E# cinematic version @ EIFF - Ednigburgh Film Festival / Edingburgh

concept & idea : Peter Kutin
all audiorecordings and arrangements by Peter Kutin & Flo Kindlinger
Video by Billy Roisz, all images by u.m.z.
E# Cineastic Version on Vimeo (Distributed by Sixpack Film)

supported by SKE Fonds, A9 Land Steiermark, MA7 Kultur Wien & BMUKK - Sektion Musik

'crevasse acoustic fingerprint - test_01 ' - winter 2013
roomresonaces of a glacier gap
, based on alvin lucier's concept of 'i am sitting in a room' ;


an excerpt of E# is featured in VACUUM MAGAZIN ; edition FADE ;


kutin , kindlinger (right to left) + audiogear @ the glacier of hintertux in august 2013; 3250meters;