áttinar - videoinstallation

sound & videoinstallation by dirac
filmed and video-processed by peter kutin & florian kindlinger

shown at

schmiede hallein 2008
hallein / salzburg

velak-gala #39
brut kuenstelrhaus

the video is based on a close-up video-footage of an erruptive pot of mud-lava, filmed and audio-recorded in a geothermal-field in myvathn / iceland. the picture and sound was slowed down by video-software to 1% from it´s original speed.
the result is a slowly changing picture, which offers more time to observe the changes of structures and patterns of this boiling (metalic)grey mud-lava . Structures that normally shape to fast to be percieved by the eye become visible and open new perspectives of unknown interstices. The original sound of the hot-pot is also treated the same way (slowed down and streched extremely) and is additionally transported into an audible spectrum by additive synthesis of sinewaves (the spectrum is analyzed and then reconstructed in an audible frequency range).