Peter Kutin is a prodcuer  | composer | mediaartist  

He works with sound
Kutin realised a variety of works within the field of contemporary / advanced electronic music and cross media that have been shown and comissioned at various music- art- dance- & filmfestivals and received several awards of which some are considered more and some less important He has cooperated with musicians, composers, theater- / filmdirectors, choreographers as well as investigative journalists
e.g.: billy roisz, christina kubisch, nikolaus geyrhalter, rainer kohlberger, martin siewert , fritz ofner, daniel hösl, johannes gierlinger, radian, god's entertainment, dieb13, manuela kerer and many more

and is a founding member of the plattforms Velak and Ventil-Records.

Festival appearances - selection : * Donaufestival, Krems
* Unsound Festival, NYC * int. Musikerfienkurse, Darmstadt * int Musiktage, Donaueschingen * LUFF, Lausanne * Saint Ghetto, Bern * ARS Electronica, Linz * RealDeal, Vienna
* Today'sArt, TheHague * Festival du nouveau cinema, Montreal * Unconscious Archives - Cafe Oto, London * TransArt,Bozen * IZLOG, Zagreb * RingRing, Belgrade * Unsafe and Sound, Vienna * A-Synth, St. Gallen * 25Fps, Zagreb
* NK, Berlin
* Electric Spring, Vienna * HKIFF, Honkong * Elevate, Graz * Konfrontationen, Nickelsdorf * Meteo, Mulhouse * Schwindel der Wirklicheit - Akademie der Künste, Berlin * Electric Spring, Vienna * Sonikas, Madrid
* Tsonami, Valparaiso * Simultan, Timisoara * Control-Club, Bucharest * Unlimited, Wels * Heart of Noise, Innsbruck * HeK, Basel
* ArtFacts, St. Johann i. Tirol
* Velak, Vienna
* Viennale, Vienna * etc.