soundinstallation / room composition / light installation
concept / idea : peter kutin
realisation and composition : peter kutin & flo kindlinger

shown at :

Mak-nite , museum for modern and applied arts vienna , 08.02.2011

acoustic fields festival 2010 , ESC graz, 11.06 - 02.07.2010

liquid loft | nobodies (chris haring & andreas berger) , vienna, 17.-19.12.2009

velak-gala#45, brut/konzerthaus, vienna, 20.10.2009


cans are suspended from the ceiling.
used as speakers by attaching piezzo microphones, they create a unique sonic-room, that feels more like a sonic field. numerous cans are spread above and beneath the audience, various sonic patterns and movements can be created within this system by multichannel spatialisation and a precise choice of sounds.
the sound is characterised and shaped by a 'metalic flavour' created by the cans.
further, the cans are used to prepare the usual p.a. speaker's membrane in order to add a variety of modulated sounds.
cans speaking.
in 2010 I made the cans also cast light in relation to the volume of the sound they produce,
so it has developed into an sound-light installation by now creating organic sound- and lightfields.
for light it works best in dark rooms :


video : eva hausberger & peter kutin
pictures : taken from acoustic fields festival (esc - graz) and velak-gala (konzerthaus , vienna), museum for modern and applied arts vienna (MAK), and at a rehearsal garnison7 | photographs by eva hausberger, peter kutin, marlies wirth (MAK) & alexander martinz:






cans_mak_vienna© Marlies Wirth (MAK)